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Tim Tsai

Before I took the three-hour lesson, I had a crippling fear of manual drive due to some bad experiences in my past. After a single morning with Dennis, I was flying down the road and squirreling my way through Oakland city traffic like a pro. It took a lot of patience and hard work, but Dennis WILL get you driving by the end of your session. You won't find a better teacher.


Eric Monteiro

Great instructor with a lot of patience. I had a rough start but he kept me motivated. I feel like I can hop into manual car and go on my own after their 3 hour lesson.


Joel Silverman

Dennis was a great instructor. He was very patient and enjoys teaching. After the three hour lesson, I feel confident and safe to drive a manual on my own. I expected to get frustrated stalling, but that never happened. Dennis uses a very well kept Mini Cooper for lessons. The course he uses is in a very nice tech campus that was empty on the weekend. I'm glad I did the lesson on a weekend so I didn't have to think about traffic while learning. Once I felt comfortable, we did some driving on busier streets. My wife was jealous of the lesson and I bet she'll do it too someday. This is a great class for somebody considering buying a car with a manual transmission, traveling internationally and renting cars, or just to learn a new skill for fun.


Nikkya Williams

Dennis was incredibly patient during the lesson and didn't get frustrated with my repeated inability to move slowly. He checked in often about how comfortable I was feeling with the lesson and the skills we were working on and made sure I was comfortable moving on. I felt like I could adequately operate a manual transmission on city streets at the end of the lesson (I personally would need more practice to get comfortable at highway speeds). Would definitely recommend.



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