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Dennis was very patient with me. I scheduled the 3 hour session and it was all worth it! With no experience in driving manual, I came out feeling confident in buying my first stick shift! I highly recommend him!


Eric Monteiro

Great instructor with a lot of patience. I had a rough start but he kept me motivated. I feel like I can hop into manual car and go on my own after their 3 hour lesson.


Joel Silverman

Dennis was a great instructor. He was very patient and enjoys teaching. After the three hour lesson, I feel confident and safe to drive a manual on my own. I expected to get frustrated stalling, but that never happened. Dennis uses a very well kept Mini Cooper for lessons. The course he uses is in a very nice tech campus that was empty on the weekend. I'm glad I did the lesson on a weekend so I didn't have to think about traffic while learning. Once I felt comfortable, we did some driving on busier streets. My wife was jealous of the lesson and I bet she'll do it too someday. This is a great class for somebody considering buying a car with a manual transmission, traveling internationally and renting cars, or just to learn a new skill for fun.


Samantha Pineiro

Patient, lots of practice and explaining. 5 stars for Dennis!



Our prices start at $249 for the basic course and $349 for a complete experience. We also offer custom lessons starting at $125 per hour, which we can tailor to your specific goals. Learn more about each course below, and if you're ready to take the next step it only takes a minute to book your lesson.


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