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Gift An Experience

Treat your friends and loved ones to a unique experience by giving them a gift they'll remember for a lifetime.

Whether they've always wanted to learn to drive a stick shift, are thinking of purchasing a manual car, have travel plans (and will need to rent a manual vehicle) or are looking for something unique to do, they'll learn a new skill and enjoy the experience!

Their day will start off in a Mini Cooper S, where they'll learn the fundamentals of stick shift driving including conceptual topics, first gear, parking, reversing, upshifting and downshifting, proper hill control, as well as more adventurous real-world practice on city streets and highways. Regardless of the lesson they choose, they'll walk away with practical knowledge that they can apply right away. 

Use Promo Code "EXPERIENCE" when purchasing your gift cards and receive 10% off the retail price. Recipients can easily redeem their gift cards and book their lessons online via our Book Online page. Learn more about Shift Bay Area or take a quick look at our various lesson options below.

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